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Introduction to 
Dimensions of Personal Awareness

Tell me, "What do you do to cultivate and maintain balance and integrity in your own personal life ... your relationships ... your career ... or anything and everything else that’s important to you?"

One teaching worth exploring that may help you answer this question is the 3 Foundational Dimensions of Personal  Awareness ... your Awareness of your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions.

How Can You Stay in Balance in this Ever-Changing World?

The Age of Personal Awareness

For me, it began in 2016 when I realized that by acknowledging my own Dimensions of Personal Awareness of the-who I was ... and importantly the-who I was not.

(Not ... the-who I thought I was ... or the-who I thought others thought I was ... or the-who I used to be ... or even the-who I wanted to be ...)

I began exploring my own Dimension of Personal Awareness of the-who I am today ... my own unique attributes. And importantly, examining it in the purest moment of my own "sacred-space-time" dimension ... naturally and organically.

Got questions or thoughts about Dimensions of Personal Awareness ... Send them to me. I look forward in reading and replying back. 


Exploring Your Own Dimensions of Personal Awareness

Your own Personal Awareness invariably determines how you interpret the world you live in as to what is good and bad from your perspective ... and what's right from wrong for you ... or not?

Starting from a very early age, much of your own Personal Awareness was defined for you by the key influencers in your life ... their "truths" about life and the world as they knew it.


Of course such key influencers are parents, siblings, friends, teachers, community leaders, clergy, religious teachings ... and of course the physical, emotional and spiritual environments you lived.

You May Even Believe ...

And today, you may even believe that your own Dimension of Personal Awareness as the "truths" that everyone in the world should believe in as well.

But are your own Dimensions of Personal Awareness today truly serving you well ... or are they unknowingly locking you into the current status quo of your life ... because you either don't understand how to discover or don't want to believe that other Dimensions of Personal Awareness are even possible.


A Few Personal Awareness Questions to Ponder for Yourself?

  • Today, what makes and keeps a "truth", a "truth" for you? 

  • Tell me, what portion of the "truths" learned from your key life influencers do you think still remain "truths" for you today? 
    a) a few  b) some  c) many  d) most


  • What are a few Dimensions of Personal  Awareness that are important to you in living your life fully? Anything missing?

  • How can Dimensions of Personal Awareness shift over time?  Have any Dimensions shifted for you recently?

Would you like to have a conversation about your answers with me and journey to a place of possibilities? 

Got questions or thoughts about Dimensions of Personal Awareness ... Send them to me. I look forward in reading and replying back. 


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CONSIDER THIS: Your own Dimensions of Personal Awareness will continue to play a major role in every decision you make in your life. Why not give yourself a Personal Awareness check-up and begin to understand more.

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